It’s with great nostalgia that I present you with our new and improved site. I remember when the company was in its very early stages….At that time I was an adolescent and I adored going out on the road  to meet with clients in their shops with my father to present them our new products. Yes, Biochala is a family enterprise built by my parents from the ground up. It was always a pleasure to present our shower gels and soaps to our customers. I had already smelled our products over a hundred times but it was always a pleasure to open a bottle a relive the experience again. Our clients would choose products based on the space they had available on their shelves hoping that the products would be appreciated by their own clients. A few years later I was meeting with the same clients, on my own, just as I had done with my father, I had the pleasure of showing them all these wonderful products. Over the years times have changed…Life goes by too fast and we find ourselves no longer taking time to experience such things. This is why we have decided to offer an online shopping experience that I only hope you will enjoy. We have attempted to describe, in words, all of the scents available. You won’t have the absolute pleasure of experiencing them prior to purchase however you will certainly find a delightful experience using our shower gels and when pampering yourself with our  body lotions. You will surely hesitate before ordering hoping to make the right scent choice but I assure you that you will not be disappointed. You’ll experience a little moment of excitement, like that found on Christmas morning, when opening the box and taking the time to delight in all the products you have purchased.